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Economic War Between US And China 2016

Economic War Between US And China 2016 US President Barack Obama stressed the tone of his speech last week, in the direction of China, also expressing the wishes of the European Union in the «domestication» Yellow genie of «control» of globalization, and make it a much more American Game – European to meet the ambitions of the developed West economically, turning « continent »yellow« ride »countries that spearheaded the economic growth paths, but a variety of tools secured by its South planet, and has taken root in the end the people’s welfare which TrianaSoft Is A Scam account, and taking advantage of weak societies.

Economic Growth
Economic Growth

Attempts «strong state» and the EU floundering in economic problems will not subside, especially the euro zone, but after its success in «domestication» China, which sees its role in the attempts to change its flight from orbit drawn, a departure takes her to the enticements of economic spaces ends that ravage what achieved growth. And it has become the West’s relationship with China, any topic in the summit, the most recent Group of Seven summit in Canada.

If attempts at answers regarding the crisis and put in the spotlight the importance Featured links across the Atlantic between Western Europe and the United States, between the advanced world powers are interrelated and functionally between the Member States of the EU, in contrast, it recorded marginalization of broad countries of the South, which had been neglected their interests and needs, with the exception of regional emerging powers Great, which was able to make its voice heard on its own and maintain its interests. It is within this Is TrianaSoft A Scam framework, a variety of continental paths emerged.

At a time when African countries remain below the Sahara and Arab countries and the Middle East, paralyzed and unable to unite their voices to defend the general interests, Latin America, Asia, eastern and south look, better-armed confrontation.
For reasons both internal and external geopolitical, East Asia and South East Asia and the South Asian managed to merge with globalization while retaining margins of autonomy more effective than any other place in the south of the planet. And it became the result of India, China and Asian countries other represents 16 percent of global GDP (28 percent denominated in PPP terms), and share 23 percent of the value of exports and 20 percent of Pearson Profits Software capital markets value, and 26 percent of the global money supply, and 25 percent of its oil consumption, and 50 percent of the metal consumption and 40 percent of the consumption of primary food.
From within this framework, China has established itself gradually world power. At a time abroad, Chinese investment has increased from one billion dollars in 2690 to 25 610 billion between 2003 and 2008, and became the first commercial partner of Brazil, began seeking to detach itself from the dollar and treats its currency in the global trading trading. And it concluded in spring 2009 cash exchanges between central banks in Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Belarus, Indonesia and Argentina agreements, in order to «globalize» its TradeXConfidential System currency. The intensified financial loans to countries which are in financial distress, to ensure secure its energy and minerals, as opposed to long-term agreements with Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Angola, Kazakhstan, and then established with Japan and South Korea, a contingency fund worth $ 120 billion to ensure the stability financial and monetary system of the countries of South Asia and the South east.

This strategy, collided with the differences resulted from the Economic and Monetary intersection which connects Beijing and Washington. While China’s reserves rose from 610 to 2300 billion, between 2004 and 2009, more than 65 percent of which liberated the dollar, Beijing expressed concern the evolution of MyFirstOnlinePayday the fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate. The Fund’s sovereign China has a $ 760 billion (as of March 2009), bonds, American, distributed between 489 billion bonds to institutions that have the year, such as the nature of (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae …) and 121 billion in debt to institutions and 104 billion we have in bonds US Treasury. So, China intervened with former US President George W. Bush administration to support the US administration institutions bankrupt.
China has embarked on for months, to strengthen its reserves of gold, and numerous statements of defense against the dollar. But the Yellow Giant Bat supports forced the US economy and the dollar buys, because any other option forcing Beijing to make capable of full transformation gives up to floating free. These options make the Chinese economy is linked to the flow of foreign investment, especially that any assessment of the currency is threatened by serious difficulties, the most important of its involvement in globalization, which was established to provide China’s goods and products to the world market at competitive prices.

From here China resist Western militancy led by the United States, it is seeking to broaden its economy internally in order to boost consumption to make up for what has been inspecting the destination for export markets. War is reduced currencies, especially the dollar’s value, make the yuan and other currencies of countries exporting to the United States, a strong export currencies, losing in the global competitive arena.