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Social Media Marketing Strategy Examples

Social Media Marketing Strategy Examples We discussed in a previous article impressionist marketing using social networking channels to the importance of social networking in promoting the concept of marketing by influential channels (Influence Marketing) in innovative ways, and the cost of a simple, what are the most important measure the degree of influence of influential tools and how US Airways has been able to access to a marketing objectives using influencers on social networking sites.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Examples
Social Media Marketing Strategy Examples

In this article we will look at how to build a marketing plan by influential and how could Mobile Money Millionaire company, one of the digital marketing companies emerging in Saudi Arabia, which was launched earlier this year (2015), which is managed through the use of the influential in social media channels to achieve its objectives and marketing raise and strengthen brand business significantly.

The Smeat company digital marketing work to raise the level of its brand through influencers in Twitter, after she organized the launch ceremony for the company arising out of the definition of their services and invite a number of influential in the social networking Twitter site to attend the event without the need to urge these influencers ( Those who reach the degree of influence each to 79% scale Mobile Money Millionaire Reviews site) – talking about branding and marketing services.

Then the company has developed marking special the way to discuss the event and the mobilization of all opinions and ideas about this emerging company under this tag. The results have been quite spectacular.

total impressions
It is through this mass crowd at the event, the number of views of the brand for the concert to more than 199 million Show (Total Impressions), and more than 24 million access (Total Reach) in less than 10 hours.
The number of times said this event was where the total (Total mentions) on site more than 11 thousand times, reached its peak during the event’s inception in the eighth pm GMT time by more than 6 thousands of Twitter users interacted and talked about this event.

total mentions
All these numbers prove the enormous impact of marketing on the road in the influential social media channels (Influence Marketing) to reach the goals of marketing in an innovative and fast without having to extravagant money on traditional advertising or traditional media channels or Dow Jones Focus Group Equinox Software newspapers that had been eroding its popularity campaigns

Can you access to these results through traditional marketing methods? I doubt it !!

# Building steps by influential marketing strategy through social networking sites:

First, select your marketing objectives

Place the marketing goals that you want from influential that they passed them on to your target audience. It may be one of your goals: increase Dow Focus Group sales to one of your products, or improve the quality of your brand or increase the number of subscribers to your services. The goal must be very clear and measurable and specific period of time

Second, select influencers in your surroundings and strengthened your relationships with them

Select influential in the relevant your goals marketing your services and what channels they use areas and whether their audience commensurate with your marketing objectives and the impact on their audiences, including asking and through the use of impact measurement tools that we talked about in the previous article, and then built a special relationship with them.

Third: select the appropriate interaction strategy

Select the appropriate strategy to stimulate influential on directing their audience to the goals set by this by providing them with a distinctive experience able to motivate them to express and talk about it and connect it to their audience ..

US Airways, as it did during the hosting of major customers in the club Admiral club or by inviting them to experience your products, and also did Chevrolet Company  when she invited a number of influential and interested car for a test drive one of the new cars. Or through the release of one of your services happened as it did Dow Jones Focus Group company. And then share in the unified marking ..

Fourth: Avoid promotion and direct marketing

Avoid invite or induce influencers to promote your Dow Focus Group product directly so as not to lose credibility in front of their audience, which will affect your marketing campaign.

Fifth: Measure Results

Place the main criteria for measuring your campaign KPIs and compare it with the goals set by. Have you checked?

Certainly there are a lot of details and ideas for how to set up a marketing campaign by influential in social networking sites has been touching her in a future The Money Doubler App article…

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