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5 Marketing Secrets That You Should Know

5 Marketing Secrets That You Should Know Now with the progress of Marketing Science and innovation of new and effective marketing plans, you have to be conscious of what you see from the ads, especially on television, do not you think you’re watching TV for free must (away from subscriptions to some channels) and pay only the cost of electricity, which mostly be easy! But you actually pay much more than that, then you shop based on of the product as well and this is due to you saw an ad for this GuaranteedPayouts product in television and liked! Since most of the things we buy that we have seen previously been on TV or the Internet and the fact that the idea of ​​it.


Consequently, the viewing of TV is not free at all. It should be more careful …
1. Marketing feelings
Marketers are not selling to people needs (physical), but only sell what he wants people to also feel it, if it sells marketers material needs only half of the world, because the needs are eating, drinking, clothing and a place to sleep … This is only our needs but do you want a new confusion? A large house? Modern mobile? You want you want … Every global marketing is based on what the people want? And who does not want him creates something when viewed go, people do not buy a commodity or service they buy feelings.

Example: When you want to buy a pillow, and went to the shop sells pillows … Showing you the owner of the store in many different colors of pillows but we can divide into two types: normal and pillows, and pillows comfortable, you think of any types will buy? The second type of course and so you need to and because your sense of comfort, here you did not buy Guaranteed Payouts Review the pillow but I bought a sense of comfort.
Buying and selling process is a kind of exchange of emotions when I buy something must ask myself, what will I feel when I buy it? Then comes the logical part of what cost me? how much? What will give me? And what you will do to me? This happens inside you very quickly to that person which sells only the feelings of wanting to control you. You must intervene on the analytical part – logical part – hence can not decide objectively, we must reconcile the logical analysis and psychological needs in order to be fooled by an agent in the product that you want to buy it.
Marketers always focusing on the needs of people and their feelings in order to sell as much of the products, of these needs:
Love: Man always needs to love and be loved and to feel social acceptance, and to accept himself and accept others.
Estimate: It is divided into: self-acceptance, and social acceptance.
Everyone is doing what he can even accept himself, Examples include plastic surgery and this now spread to the world dramatically all this because the person wants to appear to people in a way receptive socially and thereby opened the door for estimating and self-acceptance of that person.
We can not fail there from marching to raise sexual feelings, Guaranteed Payouts nudity in order to lure people with weak hearts and will meager.

There are also marching to raise the kindness and this we find a lot of talent programs, especially the Arab, when someone wins of the nation is suffering from wars or complain about the poor, in order to raise your feelings of compassion with the program and send a message in order to win this person, winning streak are Guaranteed Payouts and you do not know.
2. Marketing to raise your curiosity
Only skilled marketer is one of the uses of this type of marketing, and the buyer – of course I do not mean the planet – smart is aware of and understands the depth of this method of marketing is not easily deceived.
To bring the concept hitting an example:
The egg Kinder Surprise Kinder Surprise is the earliest example of it, you are when you see in the store raised your curiosity … of course, is for children who are targeted in the first place and resourceful always work with them otherwise to spread this egg all over the world and loved by young much, but does not deny that the trick did work And your tracks curiosity to see the inside of the egg for once …
The second example which is with us “question the article”:
If you want to learn how to write an article, the first thing you should know is how will write and write up a title? Because this is the first thing to attract the reader. And the best way to attract the reader is of course raising the curiosity of the piece … see most article titles formulated Certified Income Review way, “What is the fastest way to save at all?”, “How do you summarize the book on the page? “” How do I become intelligent? “, And so on …
3. Marketing repetitive
I consider this of the smartest marketing strategies, they fool most of the people in reality. You can see the product name in almost all TV channels in each ad break, also in the street and you see on the walls and shops … what will happen to you? in your subconscious mind, and the name of the ad will look very familiar to you … and the impact it will appear when you go to buy chips, for example, was in front of you several choices between several types of chips chips … of course, tend to choose the familiar product for you. This phenomenon occurs strongly if the best marketer marketing plan and making advertising and paste exquisitely beautiful and attractive banners in the streets.
In application of redundancy in the marketing strategy of the company (Sony) has a patent for the technique can the scenes of the TV yelling the name of the advertised product or saying aloud to the ad ends. People may think it’s a great and convenient technique to get rid of the many annoying ads, but if you think you would find that a little supportive of this idea to advertise more than they are revoked and that his Certified Income Rreview product name and you do not know.
4. Do not believe everything you see
Well now that you know that you can fool by marketing without knowing, do not believe everything you see the ads on TV or even on the street.
Eating Ads
Nothing more proficient marketers in falsified is eating ads, while they are promoting to eat falsify Promotion! Vigalo eating the form of the best and biggest of its true form, and tastes delicious taste of the real. So there has become a specialized profession called food designers Food Stylist specialize in the food industry for the camera only !!
Most of the factory ate daily in chemistry labs, people who are planning and invent in order to make the product in the most addictive. So that when you eat!
Eating experts say that there are three elements are the basic thing that adjust it in order to influence the human mind.
the salt.
These three elements are beneficial to the human body, of course, but overdo it and put many of them in the food is what makes them very harmful for their health.
In “10 Thoughts of eating fake ring program” hosted program designed food provider said she left the profession immediately after the birth of her first child her, and she does not want to promote food and fake fool her child.
“Carla” – that’s her name – Burger made a fake through the loop using dozens of tools including plastic and fake cheese and other! In the end, Carla took two hours to make a sandwich Burger fakes. While it may take 3 minutes at the most to make an ordinary sandwich Burger!
That was the difference between a regular burger sandwich, sandwich and allocated to the ads burgers counterfeit. Regular sandwich on the right while the counterfeit on the left.
5. Marketing bored
This method is considered the most successful marketing plans at all, and the most commonly used, which means that you adopt a certain idea or direction given in the marketing and the stability it is very large for a period of up to infect the viewer or customer bored so be prepared to pay you in return to stop disturb him!
There is such a famous saying “Zen on the order of the magic” For example, if your spouse has continued in saying I love you and try to convince you that various means you inevitably in one day. That is precisely what he is doing marketing strategy bored users, they repeat the same thing boring and tedious same ad him and believe him in spite of you, both convinced of it or are you actually ratified this boring speech just because you Tired hear and repeat it.
# There is also marketing the number of customers, when Marketer says that there are 3 million, for example, bought his product, this will give you confidence in the product and therefore buy and tell to your friends about splendor while it is likely that this number is not true and it says so only in order to attract attention to his product.
# Most people con when they see the price of the product – for example – 999.99 pounds in thinking that its price is lower than 1000 begin to feel it’s cheap, but in the end they pay a full thousand pounds ..
Of course the seller will not to give them a rest Shark!
In the end, does not allow for remember what I have learned through this Certified Income Review article the next time you see the ad.

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